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March 29, 2017
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Is Your Business Ready For Tax Season?

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During the tax season, business owners are busy going through financial records and making reconciliations to get a clear picture of their financial status. As they have several responsibilities, many business owners resort to last minute tax season preparations. This makes them miss out important deadlines, tax benefits, and lose valuable time. Moreover, even the most organized entrepreneurs face challenges in managing paperwork, receipts, and listing income and expenses during tax season. Ideally, a business owner must prepare for taxes year round or at least a few months before to prevent losses. Implementing these tips can help you prevent the tax season from turning into a nightmare. 


Prepare All Through the Year

With several things on your plate, you may not find time to review financial statements. But waiting until the last minute to review financial records will make tax filing difficult. You must track and review financial records and income and expense statements throughout the year. You need not do this daily, taking out time monthly or weekly will ensure your financial records are up to date. While outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping makes the task easier, you must ensure to have a monthly or weekly review and keep a file of all necessary receipts to be prepared for tax time. This makes tax preparation easy and efficient. 

Have an Efficient Inventory Management System

Companies often face difficulties with inventory and asset management during the tax season. Ghost assets often haunt business owners as they can have a significant impact on taxes. These assets are inventories that cannot be accounted for because they are physically missing or unusable. Hence, you do not get a clear financial picture of your company with recorded ghost assets. With an efficient inventory and asset management system, you can avoid this problem. Adopt an inventory management software or outsource the task to a service provider for effective and timely management. 

Examine and List your Deductions

The tax system is not restricted to paying a part of your income, but also offers incentives in the form of deductions. Whether you have a sole proprietorship, partnership or an LLC, business owners are entitled to a variety of deductions. Moreover, having a retirement plan also allows you to reduce your tax burden. When preparing for taxes, make sure you identify and make the best of all deductions. You must also be aware of current tax regulations so as to not miss out on any newly added exemptions. 

Outsource Accounting and Taxation

Business owners often lose valuable time during the tax season running through last minute preparations. This can lead to inefficient financial management and loss of tax benefits. Several businesses are adopting accounting software and cloud programs to make financial management easier. Moreover, small businesses are outsourcing accounting and taxes to experts. While outsourcing taxation does not free you of the responsibility, it definitely saves time and makes the task more efficient. 

All of the above-mentioned points will make your tax season preparations more organized and efficient. While this may help, several business owners still lack time for tax preparations because of their busy schedules. Outsourcing taxation to a service provider can reduce this burden and make your tax season preparations more efficient and beneficial. 

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