5 Bookkeeping Rules All Business Owners Should Follow

5 Bookkeeping Rules All Business Owners Should Follow

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5 Bookkeeping Rules All Business Owners Should Follow

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Running a business is not easy. You have to look into the multiple functions of the business to ensure a smooth run. You may be an expert in the services you provide, but you may not possess the same level of expertise as an accountant in Edmonton. Bookkeeping is an important aspect of your business. Your financial accounts have to be regularly maintained. Here are a few bookkeeping rules you should follow as a business owner.

Isolate Personal and Business Finances

The first and most important rule to follow is to separate your personal and business finances. Even though the capital that you are putting and the income that you are receiving belongs to you, it is essential to keep it isolated from your personal money. Maintain a separate account for your business to keep better track. Also, do not include your personal expenses and incomes in the bookkeeping of your business.

Track All Incomes and Expenses

However small expense you are making, if it is related to your business, make a note of it in your books of accounts. Though they may seem like a small entry, in the long run, they can be used as tax deductions. Preserve the bills and receipts of the same as proof. Similarly, tracking all your incomes is necessary to understand the amount of surplus profit you are making and how much of it is taxable.

Abide by the Law

Apart from making a profit through your business, you are entitled to pay the government a share of your income as income tax. Get complete knowledge of what financial laws and taxes that are applicable to your business and make sure you comply with them in accordance with the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency).

Make Use of Technology

To err is human. Being a busy business owner, there’s a possibility to make mistakes when finalizing your accounts in a rush. To avoid such mistakes, you could make use of a computerized accounting software to maintain your bookkeeping. It will ensure more accuracy in finalizing your accounts. If you use a cloud-based software, it will give you the ease of viewing your accounting data from anywhere in the world.

Hire an Accountant

The best thing you can do for a well-maintained bookkeeping is to hire an accountant. While you have so many responsibilities to run your business, sitting without haste to tally your accounts on a regular basis could be a problem. Having an expert of bookkeeping handling your accounts will ensure that there are no discrepancies. Also, with an accountant on board, you will have a better understanding of the accounting compliances you are entitled to adhere to.

Following these simple rules will ensure that your business functions smoothly. You could keep track of your bookkeeping on your own, or you could hire an accountant in Edmonton. Either way, it is necessary to maintain your books of accounts regularly. To get in touch with the experts of bookkeeping, reach out to us.

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