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Tax and Accounting Services Edmonton: Steps That Can Help Startups To Avoid Taxation Issues

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October 9, 2020
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Tax and Accounting Services Edmonton: Steps That Can Help Startups To Avoid Taxation Issues

Tax and accounting services Edmonton

If you are starting up your own company or business there are so many things that must be considered by you. With so many things like how to handle management, hiring, structuring, and all of the other facets of a new startup, it is common that the issue of business taxes can often be placed on the backburner.

The key is to set aside time to learn what common tax issues plague businesses similar to yours and to avoid making the same kinds of mistakes by following a few tips mentioned by the firm that provides tax and accounting services Edmonton. After all, a little well-researched information can go a long way in evading any taxation-based issues or violations later on.

Here are some ways to avoid tax problems for small business owners who are willing to set up a start-up.

You must form a proper structure from the beginning – An LLC is an easy way to have the losses offset other ordinary income of the shareholders, but might not be the best structure long term. 

Separate personal and business expenses – Not separating your personal and business expenses from day one will cost you a lot more down the line. It will make tax filings much tougher and costlier because you will have to go through every receipt with a fine-tooth comb, rather than simply building a report from your business banking and credit card accounts and handed over by your CPA.

Get it right the first time – Even though the business setup takes time, you must do your research and decide on the best federal and state structures for you. Working on it again takes far more time and effort than doing it right for the first time. If you are not sure, you must invest in expert advice from a CPA.

It is also essential to keep an eye on taxable perks and bonuses – Startups are more likely than traditional enterprises to think outside the box with non-traditional perks and bonus structures but they still need to ensure they are staying inside the lines of tax code.

Hire business tax consulting firms with proper agreements – You need to make sure you have agreements in place before the work starts to avoid the issues.

Employ experienced tax professionals – You need to bring an experienced CPA for small business services onto your team as early as possible to get hands-on your finances and taxes.

For more tax and accounting services Edmonton, you can consult a CPA firm. They can help you out to get more business advice.

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