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An Accounting Firm Like No Other

An accounting firm like no other, and here’s why

We Are Chartered Professional Accountants

We're personable.

No really.  We are.  We’re not your typical accountants and our clients love how comfortable we make them feel.  Not just in getting the job   done, but in our character too.  Our theory is that you should trust your accountant, and how can you trust someone if you aren’t comfortable with them.

We’re unique.

One thing that sets us apart is the vast attention to each individual client.  Your business changes, therefore your accounting does too.  Your needs one year may be different the next.  We don’t choose a method of approach in the beginning and continue it year after year, we change based on your business needs.  Another area that sets us apart is audit representation.  We are former CRA Auditors now representing our clients through audits as well as any dealings with the CRA.  When it comes to Canada Revenue Agency, we are the Accountants you will want representing you.  We know the ins and outs of how the audit process works.  Not only that, we have unique knowledge and training in this area.  We even have other accounting firms refer their clients to us for audit representation.  If that’s not unique, we don’t know what it is.

The Business Based Accounting Firm

Remember how we mentioned our vast attention to our clients?  Well, we follow that through to our work too. Every accounting task done in our firm is either done by a partner or reviewed by a partner.  Bookkeeping included.  Further to that, because of our audit knowledge we know the limitations of what is acceptable and what isn’t acceptable by CRA.  Sit back and relax knowing that your accounting procedures are being done right, the first time.

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