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Many professional firms don’t offer the service of monthly bookkeeping. But at Roth Schroder we see the value in having client books well maintained throughout the year rather than bringing everything to an accountant on an annual basis. It avoids delays at year end because we are aware of the strengths and issues your company faced throughout the year. Further, we can provide advice before problems arise allowing you to keep your business operating at its peak. The best part of our bookkeeping service is that we offer flat monthly rate packages which means you don’t have to worry about fluctuating bills. Further to that, all bookkeeping tasks are overseen by the partners of the firm, both whom are designated accountants (learn more about our partners here). All packages include phone calls and emails so you don’t have to fear being charged for questions that you may have. Together we will create a service that works for your company within the constraints of your budget.

CRA Audits

The partners of Roth Schroder Professional Corporation are former Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Auditors. We know firsthand what Canada Revenue Agency is looking for when they audit your records. We provide a unique service to our clients. Being former auditors we can protect your interest and advise you on your rights. When approaching client files requiring assistance in dealing with the CRA, we draw on our experience as former auditors. We know the ins and outs of the audit process, have in depth knowledge in tax and GST and know the Government standards.

Part-Time Controller

A Controller is responsible for the efficiency and timely performance of the accounting department. For many small and medium sized organizations it may not be financially feasible to hire a Controller on a full-time basis, even though they would benefit from their expertise. A cost-effective alternative is to outsource this function on a part-time or interim basis. Roth Schroder Professional Corporation can provide part-time Controllers to work with senior members of your management team and your accounting staff. Our team has the firsthand experience in various complex environments and can help guide your accounting staff to be more productive.

Other Accounting Services

At Roth Schroder we offer a variety of expert accounting and tax services. We’re confident that our experience, training and skills can help your business achieve growth and success. Click here to find out more about the other services we can help you with.

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