Who We Are.

Roth Schroder is a dynamic accounting firm to suit our dynamic client needs.

We built this firm on our terms and defined our own rules on how accounting and bookkeeping services should be. Offering expert advice, cloud based and paperless solutions, we don’t just “do the books” we offer so much more. Our easy monthly bookkeeping process allows clients to focus on what they do best: run their business. We use a personalized, unique and laid-back approach that has clients returning year after year for year end and personal tax services. Our in-depth business knowledge has given us the ability to advise many client’s on how to design their internal systems and processes. And, our experience as former CRA auditors has given us the exclusive ability to now help clients through a CRA audit (we’ve now overturned $1M in tax adjustments. No. Big. Deal). The best part? We do all the above while having fun! From community involvement to nerdy accounting outings with our team, we don’t just sit at desks punching numbers all day!

Meet The Partners

Olami Roth | CPA



Olami obtained her Certified General Accountant designation in 2010, in addition to a Bachelor of Business Administration and Criminal Justice Degrees from the University of Winnipeg, graduating in 2005. In 2016 she was the recipient of the “Afro Canadian Heroes Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award”. Leading the Management Counsulting practice of the firm, which provides C-Suite and Change Management services. Renowned for revitalizing and turning around organizations to achieve significant financial and operations results/impact, Olami excels at developing, translating, and aligning strategy with organization vision and goals while building relationships and consensus at all levels. Her commitment is to drive transformational change which results in long-term financial and operational sustainability and growth. Through leading by example, fostering an environment of open communication, motivating and engaging management teams and employees, she is known to deliver exceptional results (even with limited resources). 

In 2020 Olami founded FRC Group to be a place where Indigenous communities and entities go to build business. Working with Indigenous communities over the years, Olami has recognized that many are not able to access the resources needed for long-term sustainable business success. The driving concept behind Olami’s work with FRC group is the belief that together, we can achieve anything

Olami is motivated everyday by her daugter Olympia, she believes her hardwork, dedication, desire to do good, give back and acheive her goals, are building a strong foundation for her daughter which will make Olympia proud of her Mommy. 


Meagan Schroder | CPA


A proud NAIT alumni and nehiyaw iskwew (cree woman), Meagan received her designation as a Certified General Accountant in 2010.  Her day-to-day activities in the firm include tax and year end services, while overseeing the bookkeeping division and the operations of the company as a whole.  However, her specialty is diving in to “bookkeeping messes,” cleaning them up and setting the business up for success.  Meagan loves catching up with her clients and learning about the ins and outs of their operations.  Meagan is a proud mom to her daughter Isla, and believes being an entrepreneur makes her a positive role model in her daughter’s life.  By being a business owner, it models to Isla how she can achieve her own dreams as well. 

Meet The Staff

Award winning accountants
Coined as “first, only different.”
Did you know?
We are former CRA auditors
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