Controller Services

You have an internal accounting and support team that has helped you get to this point, but you now require more guidance in growing your business. Lately, you’ve noticed your business has bottlenecks that you know need to be fixed, but you just don’t know how to fix them. Tasks, goals and other day-to-day items are visibly falling in front of your eyes and you just need someone to help get you on track and then catapult you further into success. Roth Schroder’s controller services can help you with all the above while also pinpointing future challenges and preparing for them. We understand that not every business requires a full-time controller, yet they still need a controller. By using our services on a part time basis, you will be able to use resources as needed without prematurely adding unnecessary overhead costs.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

As your outsourced Chief Financial Officer, we have your back. Your CFO will play the role of The Leader in your business, acting as a confidante and sounding board to the Business Owner. Your CFO will ensure that you have clear visibility of exactly what is going on in the business, ensuring in these more challenging times, that you have the latest numbers to hand weekly or, when relevant, daily. We will help you upgrade your systems and digitize the business. 

CFOs need to make strategic financial decisions in a changing dynamic environment. From supporting strategic decision making through to strong financial stewardship, the CFO to demonstrates expertise in a broad range of areas, including regulation, globalization, technology, risk, transformation, stakeholder management, reporting, and talent management.

CFOs Are:


  • Aligned with the business owner
  • Communicators 
  • Plan for succession 
  • Best Practices 
  • Relationship Builders 


  • Able to shift from the operation phase to the strategic phase 
  • Develop sustainability of a positive corporate structure 
  • Change Drivers 
  • Negotiators 

Financial operations: 

  • Cash flow 
  • Profit Maximizers 
  • Cost reducers


CPA Alberta Executive Programs: CFO’s Operation Skills Program; CFO’s Leadership Program 

Banff Centre for Art’s & Creativity: Negotiation Skills; Project Ma

Change Management

We provide guidance to implement change to achieve organizational success. Our approach includes performance improvement by offering outcome driven and cost-effective solutions, so you can overcome all change management issues.

By partnering with us, we will take stock of all challenges to get the ball rolling though the change process, making sure of covering not only all internal processes but your stakeholders and technology, while implementing the right transformation to increase operational efficiency.

Here is how we will reach the strategic objectives:

  • Operational model evaluation
  • Co-creation and team collaboration
  • Business and team architecture
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Resources and financial planning
  • Systems evaluation
  • Business Plan preparation
  • Leadership skills for project execution and management

We will walk the journey together, offering you our exceptional team of professionals with extensive knowledge in change management methodologies and best practices.


Prosci ADKAR

We will improve your change results by enabling stakeholders to reduce resistant to aware and increasing their knowledge and engage.

Lean Six Sigma/Agile

Combining these methodologies, we will maximize process efficiency and the best value to customers.


We will use the guidelines from the PMBOK and Project Management philosophies to customize a course of action for your company